Gearing up for 2024

We’re hard at work here at GAZMYK HQ as we prepare for the excitement of 2024. Here’s a quick rundown of recent developments.

We have four editors and five slush readers ready to read your smokin’ hot submissions when January rolls around. That staffing level may seem like overkill, but we want to be ready to handle hundreds of erotic stories. We also have a plan to immediately scale our slush readers to ten if the volume of submissions requires it. Our publisher, Rock Hard Press, has a vetted pool of dozens of candidates we can draw from as needed.

We also set up a Patreon for GAZMYK Magazine. In addition to cool perks like free copies of the digital magazine and access to our Discord server, we’re also offering an early submission period just for our supporters. The first one will run from January 1st to the 4th. The public window opens on January 5th. If you’ve submitted work to literary magazines, you know the value of getting quick feedback.

And we recently crossed the 100 followers threshold on Twitter/X. It’s a good feeling to hit that number two months before we officially open. Let’s keep that momentum going!

In summary, we’ll keep gearing up and looking forward to 2024. You guys get some awesome erotica ready for us to read!

Image by Stefan Keller from Pixabay






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