We appreciate your interest in submitting your work to GAZMYK Magazine! We hope the information on this page is helpful and answers all of your questions.

Submission windows

Prior to each submission window opening on the 5th, we have a private window from the 1st through the 4th for our Patreon supporters. This is an opportunity to receive faster and more detailed feedback on your story, with the option to resubmit after revising.

What we publish

We publish short-form speculative erotica up to 7,500 words. Every story needs a science fiction, fantasy, or horror element.

We are looking for exceptional stories! Your submission should include an original plot, well-developed characters, and vivid sensory details. Immerse the reader in your seductive world!

Content guidelines

We publish erotica, so our content guidelines are quite loose. Nudity and sex are absolutely required. Profanity and violence are optional. If you are concerned the sex in your story is too explicit, please do not self-reject. Send us a typical sex scene and we will let you know our opinion.

AI policy

We do not accept stories written by AI. Feel free to use AI tools to brainstorm plots, characters, etc. You’re welcome to use Grammarly for editing. Ask ChatGPT to write your blurb if you like. It performs that task quite well. However, please write your own stories.


We accept reprints. If your story has already been published elsewhere, please note that in your submission. This is not limited to magazines and includes blogs, Patreon, Medium, etc. Before publication, you’ll need to affirm that exclusivity periods have lapsed.

Payment and rights

GAZMYK Magazine pays a semi-pro rate of one cent per word for short stories. We intend to increase this to a professional rate of eight cents per word, but that will depend on Patreon support and magazine sales.

Once accepted, we request first electronic rights for original, unpublished stories with exclusive rights for three months from the publication date.

Submission process

Though we don’t insist, we prefer to receive submissions as Word documents (.docx or .doc files) in Shunn manuscript format. We also accept .rtf, .odt, and .pdf files. Stories will not be penalized based on formatting or file type. As long as we can open the file and read your story, we’ll be good to go.

Multiple submissions in the same window are allowed, but please wait for a response before sending another story.

Simultaneous submissions are acceptable and you don’t even need to tell us. Please withdraw your story right away (using the Moksha link provided when you submitted it) if it’s accepted elsewhere.

Serialized submissions are welcome, but please query before sending the first installment.

We aim to respond to submissions within four weeks.

Image by inna mykytas from Pixabay